Welcome to "The Ugandans,

a captivating photography project that celebrates the rich culture, diversity, and vibrant spirit of the people of Uganda. Through a series of captivating images, this project aims to shed light on the extraordinary stories, traditions, and daily lives of Ugandans from various walks of life.

My home country Uganda has about 50 million inhabitants and covers an area of 241,037 square kilometres. ganda is home to 56 tribes and various indigenous communities speaking different languages. My project wants to show this diversity under the title THE UGANDANS, because I want to look at all those who live on the present territory of Uganda and who have Ugandan nationality. Even those who live abroad in the diaspora can become part of my project, because they too are Ugandans.

Uganda has wealthy and poor people, has the youngest population in the world, but also many very interesting and experienced old people. ganda has political and church leaders, revolutionaries and opposition figures whose actions can be debated but that is not the task of my project. Uganda has many unemployed and people who work a lot and do good business, strong mothers and women, children with carefree childhoods and children who lack the most basic necessities. I don’t want to focus on specific groups in my project but look at THE UGANDANS in general without excluding anyone. I am fascinated by the faces, the charisma and the strength of the people in Uganda. I want to show this in impressive photos.