Photo : Konrad Hirsch

Lookman, was born and is currently based in Kampala, the lively capital of Uganda. He has a deep passion for street and portrait photography, as well as documenting events, and has dedicated years to perfecting his craft, gaining recognition as a highly sought-after photographer.

His photographs are renowned for their captivating visual language, skillfully capturing the essence of his subjects with remarkable detail and authenticity. His impressive work has been showcased on various online platforms and featured in publications by different media houses and international press.

In 2022, Lookman embarked on an enriching study trip to the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Austria, and Germany. The purpose of this journey was to further refine his skills and explore new creative frontiers in photography.

Currently, Lookman is immersed in his latest project, “The Ugandans.” This ambitious long-term documentary seeks to capture the diverse and vibrant people of his homeland through portrait photography, spanning several years. By showcasing the rich tapestry of Ugandan society, Lookman aims to provide a profound glimpse into the lives and stories of his fellow countrymen.